KemperSports puts Safety First at Properties throughout the Country

ms_admin / March 15, 2018

Workplace safety is critical at all businesses, but especially so at KemperSports facilities. KemperSports places the utmost concern on the safety and well-being of its staffers and the company is diligent about minimizing the number of workplace accidents and injuries across its portfolio of properties.  In an effort to promote safe working conditions at all KemperSports facilities and to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all staff and guests, in 2004 KemperSports created its proprietary Safety National program which is implemented at each of its facilities under management.

Safety National was developed in conjunction with KemperSports’ insurance providers with the goal of ensuring workplace safety, minimizing injury risks, and reducing workers’ compensation, general liability claims and insurance costs.  The goals of Safety National stated simply are to: 1) reduce the number of workplace injuries, by ensuring a safe environment for staffers and guests; and 2) minimize insurance costs for KemperSports clients.  The results have been impressive on both fronts.

Safety National is a virtual 18-hole, par 72 golf game, played four times over the course of the year, with each hole designed as a safety goal. For 2017 properties played the following games, each of which coincided with a significant event at a KemperSports facility throughout the country:

  • Game #1 – The official opening of Sand Valley Golf Resort (May 2)
  • Game #2 – The official opening of golf @ The Retreat at Silvies Valley Ranch (July 1)
  • Game #3 – The Illinois Open Championship @ The Glen Club (August 9)
  • Game #4 – The official opening of Streamsong Black @ Streamsong Resort (September 29)

In addition to the safety “games,” Safety Calls are hosted throughout the year, with loss control presentations conducted by insurance companies such as Philadelphia and QBE. The Safety Calls are attended by property General Managers, Controllers, and the designated Safety Chairs and Committee members from each property.  These calls also facilitate best practice sharing amongst properties, allowing successful initiatives to be replicated at other KemperSports facilities.

Each year at the KemperSports Leadership Conference, the company recognizes an annual winner for the overall best score, as well as the property that improved their score the most between Game #1 through Game #4. At the end of the 2017 season with 95% of properties participating, we ended in a tie between Bolingbrook Golf Club in Bolingbrook, IL. and Paradise Valley/Rancho Solano in Fairfield, CA.  Both properties shot 1 stroke short of a perfect score.  This was Bolingbrook’s third consecutive year winning this award.   The winner of the Most Improved award was Fort Steilacoom golf course in Lakewood, Wash., improving 13 strokes between the first and last games.

KemperSports understands that its most important asset is the people who provide great guest experiences at each of its properties.  Because of this, KemperSports has placed the utmost importance on ensuring a safe working environment and a safe and pleasant experience for every guest.  The company has developed policies, procedures, and extensive training practices to ensure that all staffers are cognizant of the best ways of operating their facility in the safest manner possible.  The Safety National program reinforces and rewards this behavior, keeping safety top of mind for all staffers throughout the year.

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