Management Assistance from KemperSports Means Top-Notch Service

kempersports golfWhen clients partner with KemperSports, they immediately benefit from nearly four decades of golf industry expertise. The guidance that this company can offer to clients extends from the fairway to various on-site amenities. In the end, it also means that a well-rounded “best in class” facility can be developed through management and ownership teamwork. For city managers of local municipal courses to country club owners and all potential clients in between, it’s time to learn about the roots of KemperSports and how its past successes in developing and managing award-winning facilities can translate to future progress for your facility.

In 1978, James Kemper, Jr. and Steven H. Lesnik founded KemperSports, and their first project was the development of Kemper Lakes Golf Course on the campus of Kemper Insurance in Long Grove, Illinois. Kemper Lakes would reach the national stage in 1989 when the PGA Championship was hosted there, making Kemper Lakes the first public access course in history to host this event. Given this national acclaim, it was clear that Kemper and Lesnik had an eye for the business and the future of the sport. In the decades after, KemperSports would build an award-winning portfolio of nationally-ranked courses and tournament venues. However, it is not just nationally-ranked facilities that benefit from KemperSports’ all-encompassing approach. That is why owners have looked to KemperSports to help develop and manage private clubs, destination golf resorts and public and municipal courses. In addition to great golf courses, KemperSports works with its partner clients to build and manage all on-site amenities including: conference centers, recreational facilities and lodging options. Given this vast array of services, it’s no wonder that KemperSports currently manages more top 100 facilities than any other management company in the business.

The KemperSports motto of “Uniquely Dedicated. Distinctly Different. Custom Property Management” is accomplished through KemperSports’ custom-built solutions to meet the individual needs of every client and every facility. KemperSports recognizes that each project is unique and brings a unique approach to each new challenge, putting the clients’ needs first while providing the backbone of support in various management and service areas. This one-of-a-kind approach allows course owners to meet the individual customer needs of their particular facility through development of strategic action plans that will oversee improvements throughout the operation.  Along the way, those who partner with KemperSports can benefit from construction management, budget oversight, marketing guidance and much more. This individualized approach is what makes KemperSports a resource for those looking to improve operations at their courses, conference centers and recreational facilities.  One constant throughout all KemperSports facilities is their proprietary “True Service” approach to customer service.  All of the company’s approximately 6,500 staffers throughout the organization participate in a custom-built, one-of-a-kind customer service training program, designed to ensure that the guest experience at all KemperSports’ properties is memorable and “best in class.”

As a family-run business, KemperSports staffers are proud to be a part of a company that has been continuously expanding and improving its service offerings since the late 1970s. KemperSports is currently based in Northbrook, Illinois, with regional offices in California, Texas, Florida and Arizona. As such, clients considering this company for management services stand to gain no matter where their facilities are located.